Independent Midwife & Doula Practice offering you total care & support in South London, Kent & Sussex


Independent Midwife
& Doula Practice

Offering you bespoke care & support
In South London, Kent & Sussex.

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Birth isn't predictable, but our support is.

Birth Love's philosophy is that all women deserve to have a caring professional birth team attending them in the environment that allows them to feel safe to birth their baby with love.

In the most precious moment of your life, birthing your child into the world, why would you not choose a team around you that supports your choices fully?

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"Without Samsara I think my partner and I would have found the whole experience of birth completely traumatising. With her, we found it difficult but transformative. I literally can't find the words which would explain how important she was to us."

- beth

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Your dream birthing team is waiting to hear from you. 

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