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Fathers & Partners 



It can be challenging to find your place in a new way of being – expectant parents. We will support you to find the way that you can best support your partner, informing and sharing information and tools so you will have an understanding of what will be happening during labour and birth. 

Sensitively we explore and support the pivotal role you play as husband/wife/partner as you journey towards holding your baby in your arms and beyond. Birth can be magical and life changing, and we will help you both craft together what is needed for you to allow the process to unfold. 

couple of women smiling on sofa
mother father on bed with baby


We support and guide you both as your pregnancy progresses and new thoughts and experiences come into view as your baby, from the inside, literally changes your lives. It may feel as though your whole world is on the edge of massive change - and you are right! It is!!

We support you as you adjust to a new way of being. There seems to be no reliable instruction manual out there and yes this is going to be one hell of a ride.

We know you want to be there the way your partner needs you too be. We will help you both to meet your baby in the way you imagined. 



The role you play is priceless.  We reveal to you the myriad ways in which you are instrumental in creating the safest & most satisfying birth experience for you and your family.