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The Birth Love Vision

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Let's us welcome joyfully the way that we bring our children onto the planet


Working together has been a dream and vision that we have both held for many years. The Midwife and doula dryad is a combination as old as time itself. It is a model of care that we believe works for all mothers, and their families. Birth is an intimate life process , one that we know how to seamlessly work with. Offering an environment of peaceful confidence . 

Kemi will be there to honour & support you in the safe delivery of you and your baby. Samsara will be there to help you to feel safe, supported and lovingly held. 

It is our wish that you joyfully anticipate giving birth - your rite of passage - a moment surpassing all of your expectations - a miracle, a joy that you have exalted in and found your birthing power.

We know how important it is as birth care providers that you will want to feel secure and confident knowing who will be with you as you birth your baby. Combining evidence based medical information and research , ancient wisdom and compassionate support, your pregnancy and birth can become a joyful experience. We will give you all the time you need to ask the questions you want . So that you feel able to make your own choices and know that you won't be rushed as you prepare for birth. You will receive thorough and extensive Midwifery pre-natal check ups. Giving you the extra that you and your baby deserve. Finding your confidence in yourself and your bodies amazing ability to grow and birth your baby. With all the birth support you need around you. Then after your babies birth the care and support continues with our specialised postnatal attendance. Blending the traditional and modern together. Special attention is given to your recovery. You have just brought New Life into the world, and we know how hard work this can be. You will receive newborn Mother and baby checks , breast feeding support & guidance. We will bring foods to nourish you, oils to massage your tired body and the extra support to create a baby-moon plan for you, your baby and you partner. 

Our philosophy is that all women deserve to have a caring professional birth team attending them in the environment that allows them to feel safe to birth their baby. The World health organisation and now the NHS has recommended that all women should be supported to birth their babies at home, if they choose. We can provide the care you want, in the comfort of your own home . With professional attenence from an experienced midwife and your own personal doula.