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Together we support you to birth empowered, to birth safely & to birth surrounded by love.

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Kemi Johnson

Your Independent Midwife

"I am passionate about enabling families to have their best birth possible and committed to supporting families to be in their best health throughout preconception, pregnancy, childbirth & child nurture."

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Samsara Tanner

Your Doula

"From my very first pregnancy and birth in 1987 I was forever changed, not only at becoming a New Born Mother, but at the power and passion that the journey of birth had awakened in me".


Working in birth for many years,

We both witnessed incredible support of midwives and doulas independently, but always felt there was a lack of total encompassing support, in which the whole birth team breathed as one.

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Birth Love was created for you. 

We believe that all women and their families deserve to have a caring professional birth team attending them in the environment that allows them to feel safe to birth their baby fully empowered and with Love.

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The Midwife & doula dryad is a combination as old as time itself.


Kemi Johnson

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It is my fervent wish that every woman joyfully anticipate giving birth

Her rite of passage - a moment surpassing all of her expectations - a miracle, a joy that we have exalted in and found our power in for millions of years.


I have been fascinated by birth since the age of 15. I am now 50 and have my own grown up sons who make me ache with pride.

I have assisted families with their pregnancies, births and infant care as a doula/birth supporter for 20 years and as a student midwife and then midwife for 10 years. I am a life long learner and love to absorb and consider families' experiences with birthing. Every experience is different and fascinating.

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I have a particular interest in birthing psychology and physiology and the physiology of infant nurture. My bedside reading is birth stories, birth research and how to holistically facilitate an optimal pregnancy, birth and infant nurture experience. I am the passionate founder and contributor for the Invisible Midwives page on Facebook which was birthed to facilitate international discussions between parents and birth workers on ways to create and nurture safe and satisfying pregnancies and births.

I believe every single person on this planet is uniquely special and deserves respect and love. When I am invited into a family I am just there to help.


Let us restore our faith in the magnificent way that we bring our children onto the planet.


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Birth Expectations
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Samsara Tanner

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From my very first pregnancy and birth in 1987 I was forever changed,

Not only at becoming a New Born Mother, but at the power and passion that the journey of birth had awakened in me.


I have always felt incredibly blessed to gently bring my children into the world the way I wished, peacefully and with a deep level of care. From my first birth, I was empowered by the birth team of support that I gathered around my partner and me.

My midwife’s kept me safe and my doula helped me to feel safe. I was so inspired that I trained as a childbirth educator and this led me to support many women and their partners through their own amazing journeys too.

Through my own four births, and as well as supporting other women, I feel truly blessed and in owe by our innate female power and the inner knowledge that we as women on the journey of birth hold within us.

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Feeling safe and understood were important to me during my preparation prenatally. Having a supportive female presence during my labour & birth of my own midwife and doula helped me towards the joyous meeting with my babies. Knowing I could turn to them, ask advice, and know they would stay by me, continuously supporting me, giving me confidence to dig deep and fund my inner power. I loved having them there  sharing my journey.

This led me naturally to become a Doula a Birth Keeper of safe spaces so as mothers could feel safe and held to birth the way they wish. Her own unique birth journey and story. For many years I have sat and been with women, and this is what I am a Mother, a Grandmother and Doula.


I feel that how and where you choose to give birth is your personal choice. I have supported women through varying birth experiences including home births, hospital births, caesareans and water births.

My children Damien, Isadora, Freya and Phoenix have been my true  greatest teachers though. However, the wisdom, love and support given to me by my loving Midwives and Doulas during my pregnancies and births have inspired me in supporting other women and their families.

I look forward to our journey together.

Blessings, Samsara 

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